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London Dungeon | BANK HOLIDAY Day Trips, By Coach | 2014

 London Dungeon | Day Trip Coach Ticket

The London DungeonBook your London Dungeon day trip here, on Bank Holiday Mondays in 2014.

When: Bank Holiday Mondays 2014

Where: The London Dungeon, 28-34 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2SZ

We have London Dungeon Bank holiday Monday day trips available. Don't miss out! Buy your London Dungeon day trip here.


CloseLondon Dungeon ...

The London Dungeon is turning the temperature up with its latest experience - Bloody Mary: Killer Queen featuring one of England's most feared rulers – Mary Tudor, the deadliest daughter of Henry VIII. This Killer Queen was nicknamed Bloody Mary for ruthlessly burning 300 Protestants as heretics and the famous scare attraction’s new feature lets guests literally feel the fire of her wrath.

The year is 1556 and fanatically Catholic Bloody Mary is consumed by religious mania - trying and burning at the stake any Protestants refusing to convert to her “one true faith”. Enter Mary’s private Chapel and witness the obsessed and embittered Queen pass judgement on petrified heretics. Once condemned, a slow, painful death awaits and a mix of state of the art special effects will vividly conjure up the flaming sights, piercing screams and charred stench as another helpless victim steps into the pyre to endure one of the most painful forms of execution – being slowly burnt alive.

For those who emerge unscathed, there’s a whole dungeon full of frightening fun bringing centuries of history’s horrible bits to life. With thirteen twisted experiences from Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd and Surgery: Blood & Guts PLUS two chilling rides and live actors intent on scaring anyone in their path. There’s plenty of blood, gore and more endure!


August 14

Mon, 25/08/14
London Dungeon
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